Unleash your students’ full potential

Alethea is now part of Clarivate, driving learning engagement through responsible application of AI

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Our mission is to facilitate a meaningful teaching and learning experience

Develop a focused and structured approach to process academic texts

Strengthening critical thinking skills

Elevating students’ engagement and ownership

Foster students’ intellectual independence and critical thinking

We offer our learners the first of its kind metacognitive workflow to guide and help them with their readings.

We put metacognitive and inquiry-based learning principles at the heart of the platform, so that curiosity, questioning skills, and critical thinking all act as the driving force behind students’ academic journey.

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1. Providing a systematic framework for healthy deep learning

2. Focus – eliminating costly task-switching and subsequent attention-splitting

3. Facilitating a structured method to catalog, index, and evaluate the key instances in the text

4. Allowing for in-moment cognitive offloading into the platform

5. Instilling lifelong learning skills

Use data to help at-risk students

With our performance analytics and reports, you will be able to monitor the progress of your students, and thus identify and help struggling individuals before it’s too late.

Enhance class discussions with our tailored tasks

We offer your students the tools and skills to meet the challenges and demands of your curriculum. Through extensive collaboration with our partners in leading universities we created a set of text-centered tasks which facilitate a meaningful engagement with the course materials, and guarantees vibrant, engaged, and well-informed class discussions

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